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About CBT

CBT therapy addresses short and long term problems by focusing on how they are played out in the present. The rationale is that any long term problems that are disruptive to your quality of life will invariably be played out and reinforced in the present. CBT deals with the present day issues by helping you challenge and change any unhelpful strategies currently in operation that serve to maintain your problem.

By analogy, think of a fire in the home threatening you and yours. Your first priority has to be to put out the fire. Only when that has been done should you look for the reasons for the fire to try and prevent it happening again.

CBT is a time-limited and short-term treatment intervention for specific problems, enabling positive change over a short period of time. The aim of therapy is to address problems in the here-and-now so that we can recover and strengthen your own resources to help yourself over the medium term. CBT philosophy recognises that while we are not always responsible for events in life, we are nonetheless 100% responsible for how we respond to those events. Promoting self-reliance is central to the success of CBT intervention. The cost is responsibility, the benefit is empowerment and self-efficacy.

Embracing the CBT approach, I encourage you to be an active participant in your own personal development and change. The approach is collaborative, educational and motivational with a focus on specific problems as presented by you. My collaborative role as therapist is to support and facilitate your learning and your ability to make changes. Ongoing support is offered in the short term to help you overcome your problems as you select, make and maintain positive changes.


aileen raftery

The CBT approach is rooted in scientific, evidence-based research advocating its effectiveness in theory and practical application. The model promotes self-reliance along with collaborative engagement. Positive results require your commitment to independent home-based practice tasks between sessions.

The goal of therapy is to enable you to apply CBT self help techniques to you own personal circumstances as quickly as possible. This will help to reinforce your confidence as you see positive improvements in the way you are able to deal with the deeper rooted problems affecting you.

Sessions are arranged weekly with bi-weekly arrangements to suit individual rates of progress.