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Aileen J Raftery

Tel 07751 383 758


The following testimonials are from clients who wish to keep their identities confidential


We are a private healthcare company that works along many public and private sector organisations to provide health and wellbeing services to their employees. We offer occupational health services, wellbeing services and emotional support in the form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

For over 18 months Aileen Raftery has been our independent CBT therapist providing CBT services to employees across front and back offices, and retail stores in the North West. Aileen takes a proactive approach to employee's wellbeing through teaching of effective coping strategies to help employees better understand and overcome a range of emotional problems, whilst providing a comprehensive duty of care.

This initiative has been extremely effective in the workplace, as employees benefit from improved confidence and self-esteem; significant reduction in stress levels, healthy sleep patterns etc, which in turn increases employee's concentration, productivity and overall job satisfaction. We have found that this early intervention reduces absenteeism and staff turnover, so the costs for this service are easily offset against the loss of employee productivity.

Furthermore, Aileen is reliable, honest and caring, and we would highly recommend her for CBT services with any organisation.

Some Self Referrals


I am writing to provide some feedback regarding my experiences of CBT with Aileen Raftery. I sought help from Aileen for anxiety and stress management. As a health professional myself I had seen patients that had benefited from such interventions and therefore wanted to try it for myself. The CBT model helped me overcome my stress and anxiety issues, gain a more positive outlook on the future and develop coping strategies for particularly stressful times in my life of which I have had many of late. I feel the model provided me with the foundation for continued personal development throughout the rest of my life and I will continue to use the strategies taught by Aileen during times of stress. I am now able to control my anxiety whereas before it would control me and this has so far produced very positive results, both in my personal and professional life.

I feel CBT is an extremely helpful intervention and would not hesitate recommending Aileen to friends and family if they were experiencing similar issues. Having experienced the benefits myself I will continue to promote CBT to patients throughout my career. 

I hope the above is useful.


I have never experienced CBT before I met Aileen and I was wary of the practice.

Having been a client of Aileen’s for a few months, I can highly recommend the process for the following reasons:-

I was highly stressed and living in a virtual vicious circle of drinking too much alcohol, not sleeping well, working very hard, not taking mental or physical breaks, not exercising, eating processed meals etc. The main problem was my lack of self worth, mindfulness and self awareness.

Aileen took me through stages of learning about ‘me’ recognising misconceptions and the way people [I] may view the world.

We explored the reasons why I might be behaving the way I did and ‘drilled down’ to identify the possible root causes.

Each session I was taught a new strategy that would help me have a clearer view of myself and the world I operate in. All were interesting, some effective and some very effective.

The result is that I now have a good sense of self awareness and an appreciation of well-being or mindfulness. The CBT process has equipped me with a ‘toolbox’ of strategies that will support me through a wide range of life’s future challenges and experiences.


I just wanted to respond to you with feedback and sing the praises of Aileen. Her assistance and help via CBT was not only beneficial but also an interesting and learning experience for me. I can highly recommend her.


I felt like I was losing it, I felt like I was going crazy, completely paranoid, I thought everyone had a negative opinion of me. My social anxiety distracted me from conversations because instead of listening to the person talking I was thinking, 'do I look like i'm listening, am I blushing, do I look stupid”. I decided that I had to see someone, read about CBT and thought it's worth a shot because I can't live the rest of my life like this. I found Pall Mall Medical online and because it was in the more expensive cost bracket I expected a high standard of help. I thought to myself if I do this now it could change my life. I wasn't sure how but I was optimistic; especially after meeting with a therapist who was really lovely and easy to talk to ( even considering my issue) who told me I would only need do a handful of sessions to make good progress. I wasn't sure but I felt better after every session. I was given encouragement and proper understanding as to why I may be suffering the way I was, as well as ways of putting my thoughts into perspective which help me on a daily basis. It was more methods and strategy than therapy which I thought was great.

I think that I was lucky to have noticed my problem when i did but even luckier to have found the right help and people with knowledge of anxiety problems. I have on many occasions encouraged people in my life to use CBT to overcome their own personal issues as I have complete confidence in the methodology. I would tell anyone to go for it because life is too short to moan about your issues, it's better to help yourself and seek appropriate help.

Hope my feedback is helpful.


aileen raftery

The CBT approach is rooted in scientific, evidence-based research advocating its effectiveness in theory and practical application. The model promotes self-reliance along with collaborative engagement. Positive results require your commitment to independent home-based practice tasks between sessions.

The goal of therapy is to enable you to apply CBT self help techniques to you own personal circumstances as quickly as possible, help to reinforce your confidence as you see positive improvements in the way you are able to deal with the deeper rooted problems affecting you.

Sessions are arranged weekly with bi-weekly arrangements to suit individual rates of progress.