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Design out excess stress

High levels of stress at work is known to:

  • Impact negatively on health and wellbeing

  • Generate costly absenteeism

  • Damage confidence and self-esteem

  • Negatively impact on ability to perform

  • Impair quality of relationships and communication

  • Influence delay and avoidance

  • Lower assertiveness, incite bullying behaviour

  • Inhibit good problem solving skills and time management

Reducing daily stress levels more generally

Life can be stressful. Stress can be isolating. Don't let stress drag you through your day. Improve your wellbeing and daily functioning with CBT therapy. While some stress is good for you, stress levels can spiral out of control and deplete your levels of physical energy and psychological resources to perform well, experience pleasure and a sense of achievement in daily activities.

CBT support can help you identify current sources of stress, challenge and replace ineffective coping strategies where appropriate, reduce negative symptoms and help you back to good health and wellbeing.


aileen raftery


The CBT approach is rooted in scientific, evidence-based research advocating its effectiveness in theory and practical application. The model promotes self-reliance along with collaborative engagement. Positive results require your commitment to independent home-based practice tasks between sessions.

The goal of therapy is to enable you to apply CBT self help techniques to your own personal circumstances as quickly as possible. This will help to reinforce your confidence as you see positive improvements in the way you are able to deal with the deeper rooted problems affecting you. Sessions are arranged weekly with bi-weekly arrangements to suit individual rates of progress.