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Student Zone

Allow yourself the confidence to perform to your best with CBT life skills.

A positive and confident start in College and University life can help build good self-efficacy for your future success and happiness. Start as you mean to go on!

If you are struggling to settle in to student life, find it difficult to make friends or mix socially or have problems with too much unmanageable stress, short term CBT intervention can help you to :

  • Better understand and overcome unwanted habits like procrastination and excessive worrying

  • Learn to manage and reduce/eliminate unwanted panic symptoms, particularly when under study and exam pressures

  • Identify and challenge unhealthy thoughts and behavioural patterns

  • Design out any excessive drinking or smoking habits

  • Restore effective concentration, attention and recall for effective learning, study and exam performance

  • Restore healthy sleeping patterns

  • Learn to be assertive – to communicate effectively with those around you – self care

  • Strengthen good self-esteem and confidence

  • Problem solve and time manage effectively


aileen raftery

The CBT approach is rooted in scientific, evidence-based research advocating its effectiveness in theory and practical application. The model promotes self-reliance along with collaborative engagement. Positive results require your commitment to independent home-based practice tasks between sessions.

The goal of therapy is to enable you to apply CBT self help techniques to your own personal circumstances as quickly as possible. This will help to reinforce your confidence as you see positive improvements in the way you are able to deal with the deeper rooted problems affecting you.

Sessions are arranged weekly with bi-weekly arrangements to suit individual rates of progress.